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Where Are the Most Knowledgeable Captains?

In our analysis of 20,000 fishing charter reviews from across the United States, we aimed to uncover the traits anglers value most in their captains.

Considering anglers spend nearly the entire day with the captains on the water, our study focuses on the essential aspects of captains' personalities and skills.

Our research shows that the most frequently mentioned trait is knowledgeability. 35% of the reviews praised the captains' deep knowledge of fish species and the best fishing spots. Additionally, we identified 37 traits, with friendliness and patience, especially towards children, standing out.

Interestingly, regional preferences emerged: In Sarasota, FL, anglers particularly valued informative captains, while in San Diego, CA, hard-working captains stood out as a key trait. These insights suggest that while some qualities are universally appreciated, others are more region-specific.

To uncover these insights, we employed a combination of manual review and natural language processing techniques to analyze the content of reviews. This approach allowed us to accurately identify and quantify the traits mentioned by anglers.

To compare all cities, we organized the traits into seven classes: knowledgeable, friendly, communicative, patient, professional, educational, and energetic. Learn more about trait classification in the Methodology section at the end of the page.

Explore Destinations

We ranked 74 destinations from 16 coastal states by their knowledgeability rate. The city with the highest mentions tops the list, while the one with the fewest is at the bottom.

Each city features badges that highlight its top traits, along with ai-generated images that reflect these traits, a detailed description, and a chart of the categories.

Additionally, we awarded badges to cities that excelled in specific categories such as “#1 Friendly”, “#1 Educational”, and others.

Explore the list or select a city from the dropdown to see details.


Our study analyzed 20,000 fishing charter reviews from 74 cities in 16 states across the United States to determine the traits anglers value most in their captains. Here's how we conducted our research:

  1. Collection: We gathered review data from various online platforms.
  2. Association: The data was linked to the nearest popular fishing destinations for further regional analysis.
  3. Processing: We extracted and categorized traits using both manual methods and natural language processing techniques.
  4. Regional Analysis: We analyzed the data by location to identify regional preferences.
  5. Visualization: We used charts and AI-generated images to clearly present the data.

Trait classification:

Communicativeaccommodating, communicative, easy to talk, flexible, funny, humorous, nice, personable, polite, reliable, responsive
Educationaleducational, informative, good teacher
Energeticenergetic, enthusiastic, hard-working, passionate
Friendlyage-friendly, beginner-friendly, child-friendly, family-friendly
Knowledgeableknows about area, knows about fish, knows about fishing spots, knows about waters, knows about wildlife, knows about weather
Patientpatient with angler, patient with beginner, patient with kids
Professionalattentive, efficient, experienced, expert, professional, skilled