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Fishing charters in Big Coppitt Key, FL

Top 5 fishing charters in Big Coppitt Key, FL

Good to Know

Whether you are planning an inshore fishing trip or a reef fishing, you’ll easily find a fishing charter in Big Coppitt Key.

There are a variety of options for your next fishing trip near Big Coppitt Key. These waters are filled with Mahi Mahi, Mangrove Snapper, Tarpon, Barracuda, and many more.

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Inshore fishing charters in Big Coppitt Key

Big Coppitt Key is popular with anglers, who come to explore the calm inshore waters. Bays, inlets, and shallow flats provide excellent fishing opportunities for a relaxing outing.

These waters will yield anything from Mangrove Snapper and Tarpon to Mutton Snapper and Yellowtail Snapper.

Inshore fishing trips are very popular with families, couples, and small groups of friends.

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Inshore fishing trip prices

$436 is the average price for a 4-hour inshore fishing trip and 2 people. An extra person fee is $50. Fishing charters can accommodate up to 6 persons depending on the capacity of the boat.

The cheapest 2-hour inshore fishing trip in Big Coppitt Key found on our platform costs $200 for 2 anglers.

There are about 41 fishing guides in Big Coppitt Key and nearby cities. It’s easy to find your next fishing getaway in Big Coppitt Key.

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Best time for inshore fishing

The best time to go inshore fishing in Big Coppitt Key are considered to be May, March and October.

Popular inshore fish species

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Offshore fishing charters in Big Coppitt Key

This is your chance to get away from it all and experience some of the best offshore fishing in the world. You’ll be heading out to the open waters searching for the big ones. Big Coppitt Key offshore fishing charters will show you the perfect fishing grounds in the area.

Depending on the season, you can catch Mahi Mahi, Barracuda, Sailfish, King Mackerel, and many more.

Offshore fishing trips are good for experienced anglers, groups for friends, and those who want to reel in a bigger catch. Be ready to travel into the federal waters miles off the coast.

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Offshore fishing trip prices

On average, the price for a 4-hour offshore fishing trip is $682 for 2 people. Add $50 for an extra angler. Fishing charters can accommodate up to 6 persons depending on the capacity of the boat.

The most affordable rates start at $350 for a 4-hour offshore fishing trip near Big Coppitt Key.

In Big Coppitt Key and nearby cities, there are more than 29 offshore fishing charters. It’s easy to find your next fishing trip in Big Coppitt Key.

Tip: It’s better to take a 6-hour or 8-hour offshore fishing trip for the best fishing experience. Offshore fishing spots are away from the coast, so you will need some time to get there.

Standard tips are 15-20% of the price you paid for your charter if the crew did a good job.

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Best time for offshore fishing

May, March and October will be your next best months for offshore fishing in Big Coppitt Key.

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Family-friendly fishing charters in Big Coppitt Key

Big Coppitt Key family-friendly fishing charters offer short trips for a quick outing — perfect for families with kids. The fishing charter Captain will teach you about different species of fish and show you various fishing techniques.

The beautiful inshore waters of Big Coppitt Key allow for a great amount of fishing and fun. Inshore waters are ideal for family fishing because of the shallow depths and calm waves.

Family-friendly fishing trip prices

Take a short half-day inshore fishing trip. Your children will learn more about fish and won’t feel exhausted after a quick adventure.

$436 is the average price for a 4-hour family-friendly fishing trip and 2 guests. Add $50 for each additional guest. Fishing charters can accommodate 4-6 anglers depending on the size of the vessel.

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Shark fishing charters in Big Coppitt Key

A wide variety of sharks are found in the waters near Big Coppitt Key, making it a perfect destination for anglers who want to catch game fish. Big Coppitt Key shark fishing charters are an excellent option for anglers looking for an actionable and affordable fishing trip.

Big Coppitt Key shark fishing charters can help you reel in Blacktip Shark, Bull Shark, Nurse Shark, Bonnethead Shark, and many more.

Note: some shark species are considered prohibited in Florida and cannot be kept as a trophy. These sharks have to be released. But don't worry about shark identification. Your Captain will assist you.

Sharks inhabit offshore and inshore waters, from mangrove swamps to reef dropoffs. Depending on the size, sharks could be found from the shallow grounds to the offshore waters.

Bait is an essential component of any shark fishing adventure. Mullet, Little Tunny, Blue Runner, and Ladyfish would be the perfect bait for shark fishing. Fishing charter will prepare the correct bait for your shark fishing trip.

Shark fishing trip prices

On average, the price for a 4-hour shark fishing trip is $522 for 2 guests. An extra person fee is $50. Captains can take 4-6 anglers depending on the length of the boat.

You can find 13 fishing charters in Big Coppitt Key and nearby cities. It’s easy to book your next fishing break in Big Coppitt Key.

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Best time for shark fishing in Big Coppitt Key

You can catch sharks all year round. March-October can be an optimal time for shark fishing in Big Coppitt Key.

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Tarpon fishing charters in Big Coppitt Key

Tarpon is a game fish that attracts anglers from all over the world. Big Coppitt Key guides specialize in Tarpon fishing. They are ready to share productive spots and methods with their clients.

Tarpon are primarily found in coastal waters, bays, and shallows. You can catch it on live bait with crabs, pinfish, or mullet.

Note: The best practice is never to bring your catch in the boat because Tarpon is a catch-and-release-only fishery. Tarpon must remain in the water if its length is greater than 40 inches. So be careful with your trophy, take a photo of a lifetime, and let it go.

Tarpon fishing rates

On average, the price for a 6-hour Tarpon fishing trip is $580 for 2 guests. An extra guest fee is $50.

We found 15 fishing companies specialized in Tarpon fishing in Big Coppitt Key.

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Best time for Tarpon fishing in Big Coppitt Key

Late spring and summer are the best seasons to catch Tarpon in Big Coppitt Key. The peak months are October, September, and June.

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What is included in the price?

Most trips are all-inclusive. Captains provide rods, reels, tackle, bait, and a cooler with ice. Usually, Captains clean anything that you catch.

Captains provide a saltwater fishing license. This license covers all the anglers on the vessel.

An offshore fishing charter has to have a federal permit to fish in the federal waters.

What to bring on a fishing charter trip?

Depending on the weather, Captains recommend bringing sunscreen, polarized sunglasses, long sleeve shirt, hat, windbreaker, waterproof jacket, waterproof pans, appropriate non-skid footwear, gloves, your medicines, bug bite cream, sanitizer, drinks, and snacks.

Bring your freshwater license if you are planning to fish in the freshwater.

Some Captains don’t recommend bringing spray sunscreen, liquor, weapons, fireworks, and inappropriate footwear.

How to book a fishing charter trip?

You can make a reservation with a 10-30% deposit.

The remaining balance has to be paid directly to the Captain on the day of your trip or upon arrival.

The majority of the fishing charter deposits are refundable if you can cancel before the cancellation deadline. It's usually within 2-14 days of your trip date. Keep in mind that some of the bookings could be non-refundable.

What are the closest boat ramps and marinas to Big Coppitt Key?

There are several boat ramps and marinas near Big Coppitt Key. Most of the fishing charters launch from:

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